Monday, April 25, 2011


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A friend of a friend of a friend, so a Geek By Association, or Geek Twice Removed if you prefer, became very animated when he first met me and I was adorned in this particular shirt. 

He fell into the Pallid and Pimply category. In the realm of his Nerd-Earth, we were instant friends and neighbors by virtue of me wearing an article of clothing he could discuss. At length. 

He frightened me and he smelled funny.

Within seconds of introduction he excitedly blurted "Who do you think would win in a fight to the death between Submariner & Iron Man?". His fervor unsettled me.

Was this a test? There were so many variables. What Iron Man armor are we talking about here, the Mark III or the Hulkbuster MK II? Where are they fighting? If it's in water then it's no contest. Is this the Pre-World War II Savage Submariner, or the mystically restrained Prince Namor of The Defenders? Fucker. 

I stared at him solemnly, "The only person who ever wins in a death match is Baby Jesus. That's how He garners new recruits for the coming war". 

He blinked several times in rapid succession, then opened and closed his mouth like a beached salmon gasping for air, not finding the appropriate response. The dried white crust in the corners of his mouth cracked and flaked.

As he excused himself muttering something about a TNG Marathon I smiled and said "God bless".

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