Sunday, May 13, 2012


A man and his Wookie,  pals, buds, inseparable, but they know where to draw the line, and they never tell each other the odds!

Here are 15 things that guys should never do that Han & Chewie have a really bad feeling about:

  1. Work out or go running together. Platonic sweating and compliments can get awkward
  2. Attempt the Kessel Run if you can't finish it in anything less than 12 parsecs
  3. Wear white anything (shirt excepted): pants, shoes, belt, sunglasses...I'm looking at you farm boy
  4. Wear Uggs, this really confuses and upsets a Wookie
  5. Upset a Wookie
  6. Go shopping together. Not for clothes, not for groceries, not even for a good Blaster
  7. Go to dinner where the host owns his own on-site Carbonite Chamber
  8. Narcissistically preen. Includes but not limited to Mani and/or Pedi, Teeth Whitening, consciously Accessorizing, and Guy-Browing (yeah, we had to have this one explained to us too). You ever try to wax a Wookie?
  9. Drop your shipments at the first sign of an Imperial Cruiser. Trust me
  10. Wear spandex when biking unless you are actually in the Tour De France. Or fighting crime. A bike riding crimefighter 
  11. Rely on hokey religions and ancient weapons
  12. Rooooowr wraaawr rowr (Translation: Watch Reality television)
  13. Date a chick who has been with her own brother...what has been seen cannot been unseen
  14. Refer to colors as anything other than their Primary names. Salmon is a fish, Fuchsia is a made up word, and Puce is just wrong
  15. Shoot second

Friday, May 4, 2012


And on the 5th Day George created Star Wars.
And It was good.

Happy May The Fourth my fellow Nerdkind.
Yub Yub.