Saturday, December 31, 2011


Just a quick message to the villain who broke into my car on the day after Christmas and stole several items, notably my wife's new coat:

Thank you.

No seriously, thank you. You reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas, how it is better to give than receive, and to help the less fortunate.

Obviously you are an incredibly unfortunate individual, presumably stricken with a debilitating mental malady that renders you about as useful as your lace-up shoes when you're unsupervised, someone so intellectually crippled that you can't even maintain a job collecting the trays and scraping spackled feces from the toilets at the local Taco Hut.

Judging from the stench of apathy and cigarettes you left in my car I have extrapolated a profile that portrays you as a someone that has given up on themselves, someone who is ok with wearing trackpants in public and their clothes have the telltale lonely existence ammonia fragrance of calcified semen from many a dateless Saturday night. Obviously your visage is nothing less than that of a nicotine stained puckered sphincter, otherwise you would have been spending your weekend cuddling with your sister instead of relieving citizens of their hard earned belongings, rummaging and foraging like a malnourished raccoon, alone. Always alone.

I can only presume you are the same desperate individual who opened the jar of Jif in the supermarket and scooped out a few finger-fulls of extra-creamy peanut butter and placed the jar back on the shelf for me to discover when I actually foolishly purchased it. With actual money! From a job!

So thank you intrepid hoodlum, for reminding me of the dregs of humanity, the stains of the world, those completely devoid of offering anything to society, those so monumentally pathetic that you have validated and strengthened my conviction in my misanthropic ways. I had almost foolishly bought into the whole Christmas cheer nonsense until you selflessly brought me to my senses.

P.S. Enjoy the coat, it can only be returned for an in-store credit at a woman's clothing store. In the Christmas tradition, don thee now your gay apparel, for a pashmina and jeggings can only improve your worthless existence.

Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth, and Goodwill towards Human Trash and Asshats.


  1. Oh for F sakes. What a pathetic thing to do....sorry you were targeted, figures, given that you were so very spirited this year! As I've said before, Christmas sometimes brings out the worst in people. I am mourning the loss of Carla's new jacket! :( For shame! Hope the New Year is much better!

  2. It was you all along! You couldn't bear (bare?) the thought of 2 jackets out there could you? It had to yours, all yours! Curse you Oswald Cobblepot!

  3. If I see a man walking down the street with said jacket he's soooooooo getting an unexpected karate kick to his mangina for being a dirty thief.

  4. I couldn’t help but notice that your nippys are especially perky in the photo.