Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Time has a way of slipping through my nimble and powerful fingers like the icing sugar I run my sweaty digits through in the bulk bins at the grocery store that you then sprinkle on your Christmas cookies. 

This is a busy time of year that I like spend in a drunken stupor to better cope with my dysfunctional relatives, and I have been remiss in keeping up with my posts.

So please accept this pathetic token gesture that was hastily slapped together last minute but I can now confidently state that I have fulfilled my festive obligation of getting you...something, albeit completely devoid of thought or sentiment.

I give you a completely outdated pop culture reference in a baggy and misshapen cotton housing. 

Take a look at what my wife is wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while she's wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.

Shapeless and irrelevant. 

The shirt, not my wife.



  1. Hey I was trying to find out how to email you but I wanted to give you a shout and say thanks! Had fun looking at your shirts. I found you because I have been running a blog where I wear a different shirt every day! I started Jan 1 and have done it every single day. Glad I have an awesome wife to help out.

    I won't waste any more of your time but the url is shirt.nickbukosky.com Feel free to visit it and if you have time contact me I'd love to say hello in an email.

  2. Very cool sir. The original shirt of the day started back in Jan of 2010 on my Facebook page, but I really loathe Facebook so I started to move the content onto here. I wish I had more time to post, but I'm not stopping anytime soon!
    I checked out your blog, good stuff! Mind if I link to it from mine?
    I'll drop you my email.