Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Why so serious, Bats?

For all of Bat's growling and blacky blacknessity, at the end of the day he's still a grown man who slips into a floppy eared rodent costume, with a frilly cape for added flare. He enjoys rubber and spandex as much as my eighth grade gym teacher. 

Batman (or is it The Batman) just needs to pause for a reflective moment the next time he creases his cowl and utters "I'm Batman". Put it in perspective Caped Crusader: You wear your undies on the outside. You need a caretaker who makes your meals, lays out your clothes, and looks after your every petulant whim. 

You have a self anointed nickname, a really neato whiz bang clubhouse, and your only friend and confidant is an effeminate kid half your age. 

Christ,you weren't even allowed to dial out on the big red phone!

I'm pretty sure he's Slingblade.

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